Austin and his Music Director

Austin makes a Hershey's Kiss out of his Music Director's hat as they talk vocal harmonies.

  1. TheBriannaPalm avatar

    On Jul 2, 2014, TheBriannaPalm said:

    His laugh lol

  2. Carol Scally avatar

    On Jun 20, 2014, Carol Scally said:

    hhhaaa yes

  3. Rebecca Roberts avatar

    On Jun 16, 2014, Rebecca Roberts said:

    I see subway

  4. Rebecca Roberts avatar

    On Jun 14, 2014, Rebecca Roberts said:

    Austin is funny haha

  5. Jacqueline Wisner avatar

    On Mar 8, 2014, Jacqueline Wisner said:

    he so funny i love austin he so cute

  6. iUnbrokenMahone avatar

    On Mar 24, 2013, iUnbrokenMahone said:

    i'd die if he was standing that close to me 8___8

  7. Krista Mahone avatar

    On Mar 9, 2013, Krista Mahone said:

    haha, theres a Subway bag on the table...

  8. Roxanne Trombetta avatar

    On Mar 5, 2013, Roxanne Trombetta said:

    He's so goofy <3 love you Austy :0

  9. sammahone4ever avatar

    On Feb 26, 2013, sammahone4ever said:

    i love his laugh :) hes so funny

  10. Emma Sofie Sovik avatar

    On Feb 24, 2013, Emma Sofie Sovik said:

    I love his laugh :) <3 So sweet <3