Austin in dance rehearsals

Austin in dance rehearsals with his Music Director

  1. Julia Dureault avatar

    On Apr 15, 2014, Julia Dureault said:

    cant wait to meet him in san jose

  2. CallMeAliyah avatar

    On Sep 16, 2013, CallMeAliyah said:

    Why cant I be here lol ?!

  3. Sydney Foster avatar

    On Aug 1, 2013, Sydney Foster said:

    forever wishing I could goof off with him like that

  4. Alyssa Lowry avatar

    On May 14, 2013, Alyssa Lowry said:

    He's so perf

  5. MahomieSinceTheStart avatar

    On May 9, 2013, MahomieSinceTheStart said:

    Dramatic dance moves LOL gotta love him <3

  6. Michelle Nolasco avatar

    On Apr 28, 2013, Michelle Nolasco said:

    Austin's butt though haha ;D

  7. Lucy__Ann avatar

    On Mar 8, 2013, Lucy__Ann said:

    oh gosh i laughed thru the whole of this lol

  8. Krista Mahone avatar

    On Feb 24, 2013, Krista Mahone said:

    I love this video!!

  9. Lily Juniper avatar

    On Feb 24, 2013, Lily Juniper said:

    omg his dancing :')

  10. Emma Sofie Sovik avatar

    On Feb 24, 2013, Emma Sofie Sovik said:

    Austin is so funny, and so is Sakinah :) <3 She┬┤s the best dance choreographer