1. Trishantonio avatar

    On Apr 8, 2016, Trishantonio said:

    How'd you got yours? :(

  2. Trishantonio avatar

    On Apr 8, 2016, Trishantonio said:

    I have the VIP ticket but how can i get the M&G with austin?

  3. TrumanGelo avatar

    On Apr 4, 2016, TrumanGelo said:

    Why can't I purchase VIP anymore?

  4. Shaira Mahone avatar

    On Apr 4, 2016, Shaira Mahone said:

    Yes you need to have a concert ticket in order to avail the M&G upgrade

  5. King Justice avatar

    On Apr 1, 2016, King Justice said:

    I'm Confused do you have to buy the concert ticket to Paradise Music Festival in able to Buy this Package too?

  6. djaneismyname avatar

    On Mar 16, 2016, djaneismyname said:

    Austin please bring back the M&G for MNL. You have M&G for every country you'd be going to but why not here?

  7. Princess Mahone avatar

    On Mar 7, 2016, Princess Mahone said:

    why they remove m&g in philipine??? :O

  8. djaneismyname avatar

    On Mar 3, 2016, djaneismyname said:

    6hrs ago there was still a meet and greet upgrade. Austin are you still having m&g here?

  9. Shaira Mahone avatar

    On Feb 29, 2016, Shaira Mahone said:

    I'm going to the concert and I just purchased the meet and greet upgrade yeeyyyyy..

  10. Nadz Mahone avatar

    On Feb 16, 2016, Nadz Mahone said:

    they have meet and greet here in the philippines. it cost 4,500 i think if i am not mistaken.