Lima, OH

5:00 PM Aug 17, 2013
Allen County Fair
2750 Harding Highway
Lima , OH
Age Restrictions
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-Ticket price does not include fair admission

  1. On Jul 25, 2013, Angelica Passapera said:

    I'm a very disappointed mother of a 15 year old girl that is equally disappointed because she never received the picture with Austin or the special gift from the merchandise booth at the Delaware State Fair. It is very discouraging and I have no problem with making this public because it is not right to sell a package for a value of $100 if the company is not keeping its offers. Austin's representatives should consider looking into this issue immediately. It is going to affect his reliability with his company. If a parent is reading this blog... Please do not buy this package until you have confirmation that it will be available at the concert. We had a print out of the stipulations and that was not enough. Austin's representative "Steve" took our email and assured us that he would get back to us... Have not hear from him since the concert on Monday, 22 July 2013. Don't buy this package because they are not keeping their word on what is included in the package. I will be reporting this to my credit card to recollect payment. If anyone would like to contact me regarding this blog - please call me at 732-213-1167 or at [email protected] A very disappointed parent.

  2. On Jul 18, 2013, Jasmine and Ashley said:

    Does anyone know where the meet and greet is going to take place?

  3. On Jul 11, 2013, lovatic8 said:

    Are we getting a email from them soon telling us more directions?

  4. On Jul 11, 2013, Rachael Mahone said:

    Meet and greet is at 5 :)

  5. On Jul 5, 2013, goldenkeeger said:

    What time is the meet and greet?!? I'm going :)

  6. On Jul 4, 2013, Rachael Mahone said:

    I cant wait for this! (: so close!

  7. On Jul 3, 2013, Lindsey Liscoe said:

    what time does this meet and great start

  8. On Jul 1, 2013, KaylaaMahonee said:

    I'm going, i'm so excited, omg. <3

  9. On Jun 26, 2013, oliviagomia said:

    I'm gong to this one too omg

  10. On Apr 5, 2013, Adriana Sornberger said:

    I'm going September 14th(: