Allentown, PA

Time TBA Aug 28, 2013
Great Allentown Fair
302 North 17th Street
Allentown , PA 18104-5097
Age Restrictions
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Public on-sale starts on 3/2 at 10 AM EST

  1. On Aug 27, 2013, Katelyn McLain said:

    Hi guys! I know this is last minute but my friend and I have been searching everywhere for m&g with Austin for allentown. If anyone has any spare tickets they are willing to sell, tweet me at coolmorningcrew :)) please and thank you

  2. On Aug 26, 2013, SWEETCARMEN1 said:

    please anyone i realllyyyyy need two ticket to goooooo please!!!! i'll pay 200 please thats all i ask for

  3. On Aug 25, 2013, SWEETCARMEN1 said:


  4. On Aug 25, 2013, SWEETCARMEN1 said:

    hi and sorry for the bad news about surjery and i cant buy thm i follwed u my twitter name is sweetcarmen1 on twitter i really really really really really really really really really want thm plz thx for reading plz tweet me tomrrw ok thx :)

  5. On Aug 24, 2013, CassieMahonee said:

    I have 2 extra ones for $80 eacch(: I sadly can't go because my mom has to get surgery and we really don't wanna lose $2OO.. Tweeet me @swiftsdork and ill dm youu the info if you want!

  6. On Aug 19, 2013, Alyssa Palumbo said:

    Can some one please tell me what time we have to be there?! Cause i know when i met cody simpson we had to be there by 3 but this doesnt give ANY info on what time VIP starts

  7. On Jul 31, 2013, Jilliann00 said:

    ok so i have vips but my seats for the actual concert arent that good so for the soundcheck do we have to sit in our seats or do we go somewhere else???? im really confused haha.

  8. On Jul 25, 2013, Angelica Passapera said:

    I'm a very disappointed mother of a 15 year old girl that is equally disappointed because she never received the picture with Austin or the special gift from the merchandise booth at the Delaware State Fair. It is very discouraging and I have no problem with making this public because it is not right to sell a package for a value of $100 if the company is not keeping its offers. Austin's representatives should consider looking into this issue immediately. It is going to affect his reliability with his company. If a parent is reading this blog... Please do not buy this package until you have confirmation that it will be available at the concert. We had a print out of the stipulations and that was not enough. Austin's representative "Steve" took our email and assured us that he would get back to us... Have not hear from him since the concert on Monday, 22 July 2013. Don't buy this package because they are not keeping their word on what is included in the package. I will be reporting this to my credit card to recollect payment. If anyone would like to contact me regarding this blog - please call me at 732-213-1167 or at [email protected] A very disappointed parent.

  9. On Jul 25, 2013, sammyb26 said:

    if anyone has 2 extra vips please contact me. it would mean everything to me. thanks so much!

  10. On Jul 24, 2013, marissa curcio said:

    please add more vip if anyone is looking to sell a vip preshow pass please contact me ASAP! thank you !!!