1. nelly interiano avatar

    On Mar 1, 2013, nelly interiano said:

    So what time is the meet and greet going to be? Still have no idea

  2. Destaney avatar

    On Feb 28, 2013, Destaney said:

    I will be there!! YEEEE cant wait!

  3. Demi avatar

    On Feb 25, 2013, Demi said:

    Is anyone selling 2 tickets to this event? If so, message me! Thanks.

  4. wade(ctrl) avatar

    On Feb 25, 2013, wade(ctrl) said:

    An email will be sent 24-48 hours before the event with details :)

  5. Jordan avatar

    On Feb 25, 2013, Jordan said:

    Anybody Know the time yet?

  6. Molly avatar

    On Feb 24, 2013, Molly said:

    When does the Meet and Greet start?

  7. Casey Yunker avatar

    On Feb 24, 2013, Casey Yunker said:

    Does anyone know what time this starts?

  8. Eddie Meehan avatar

    On Feb 22, 2013, Eddie Meehan said:


  9. gouchctrl avatar

    On Feb 19, 2013, gouchctrl said:


  10. gouchctrl avatar

    On Feb 17, 2013, gouchctrl said:

    This is a cool show