1. Austin has released his mixtape, ''This Is Not The Album'', on iTunes! 

      Click here to buy it now!

      TINTA will be on Spotify either Friday or Monday so be ready to stream!

      Make sure to purchase #ThisIsNotTheAlbum #ThisIsNotTheAlbumOnItunes ! 
      Let's get Austin that #1 album on the charts.

      Also, Austin has done so much in Los Angeles. He's been working so hard in the studio for 4 months, made around 150 new songs, working on his new project, rumored to be released soon.

      We can't wait to hear all of his new music that Austin is making! 


    2. Congrats to our MOTM for October, Susan! Think you have what it takes to be our next MOTM? Sign up here

      What is your favorite Austin moment?
      My favorite Austin moment was when I met him on June 28th in Cologne, Germany. It was the most perfect day of my life. After 3 years I finally got the chance to meet him and he was just really sweet and hearing him singing live was amazing.

      What other artists do you enjoy listening to?
      Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendes and Jake Miller.

      If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
      I would probably go to the Unites States of America because I've always dreamt of seeing the cities like Miami and New York. I've always seen them in movies and I would just like to see it for myself.

      What is currently your favorite song?
      My favorite song is currently Roses by Shawn Mendes.

      What is your favorite Austin lyric?
      You're moving on, you say
      Here I stay
      Watching every night get colder
      You're moving on, you say
      Here I stay
      I'll take this pain
      Yeah, I can't, I can't

      What class did you dislike the most in school and why?
      Latin, I just couldn't understand any of it.

      Favorite place to go shopping?
      My favorite place to go shopping is either online or at the H&M.

      What's the coolest thing you have done or will do this summer?
      The coolest thing I will do next summer is to go on a holiday trip with my best friend after graduation.

      Twitter Username: @AustinsCutiePie
      Instagram Username: @xosusan

    3. Austin Mahone is to be featured in a new song with Pitbull called ''Back To Youth'', and will be released on Pitbull's new album, out October 7th!

      We can't wait for this one!

    4. New interview with Austin!


      September 20, 2016

      The official lyric video for Austin's song 'Way Up' is here! Watch it now here

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